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Howard Brumbaugh, M.D.


What Patients Say:

He is absolutely the best ophthalmologist in the state. He is probably the most thorough and analytic ophthalmologist that I've ever had the pleasure of treating me. He has been responsible for discovering problems I've had in the past and recommending the proper course of action. He has seen to it to help preserve my eyesight. He saved my eyesight. This guy is awesome. He goes at length to explain everything associated with my eyes and treatments. He reviews all my medications to make sure those medications don't cause undue pressure on my retinas. I will continue to go to him in the future.
-- Kevin Nahas, Carmel

Dr. Brumbaugh is absolutely phenomenal!!! I have never, at 73, had a doctor to take such care and time with me and explain everything so thoroughly. He doesn't prescribe things that aren't necessary, and I learned things about my Sjogren's that no one else has ever explained to me - he explained at me level, and I truly appreciated that.
-- Judy Tresso, Carmel

He is terrific. My husband and I have both seen him for years. We like his way of doing things. He is easy to talk to and he gives good exams. He is very competent and professional but yet friendly. We are definitely pleased with him. His staff are really good. They are very professional but easy to be with. We will definitely continue to see him.
-- Ruthann Hedge, Indianapolis
Dr. Brumbaugh is an excellent ophthalmologist, and I have seen him for many years for a yearly check-up for vision acuity and to check for diabetic eye changes. No complaints at all. Does a superb job. Very conscientious and thorough. Recommend him highly.
--Randall Strate M.D., Indianapolis

My ophthalmologist is Dr. Howard D. Brumbaugh. I was a Director of Family Practice Residency and he was a teacher in that residency so I had known him for a long period of time. I would use his services again in the future.
-- Alvin Haley M.D., Carmel

I am extremely nearsighted and have worn glasses/contacts since I was 6. I have never had a more competent and committed ophthalmologist. Dr. Brumbaugh and his assistant always do a complete exam and refraction and make sure my eyes are healthy. I have had a couple of incidents with my retinas and he has always been available immediately to see me and evaluate the problem and deal with my anxiety. The office staff are professional and always pleasant. Dr. Brumbaugh is a marvelous raconteur and keeps me entertained throughout his thorough and painstaking examination. He always takes the time to discuss the state of my vision and explain everything so I can understand what is going on and what I need to know to make any decisions about treatment.
--Susan Carpenter Atty. at Law, Indianapolis

If you have serious eye problems, I strongly urge you to see this Doctor. I had shingles and they settled in my optic nerve and I began having double vision. In driving, I was seeing two cars, stoplights, television. He had a special lense made for my glasses and in about 3 weeks my single sight returned. Thank you, Doctor.
-- Joseph Abel

Dr. Brumbaugh is my ophthalmologist. I visited him because he has been taking care of my mom and dad for the past thirty years. He is fantastic. He is really good. He is thorough. They are very punctual. They call you and remind you of your appointment. He is just top notch. He is very professional. He is very thorough in explaining what he is doing and why he is doing. If you have any problems, he wants you right out there so that he can see the problem. He is outstanding. Especially for seniors he is good, as they are unable to find a person so sensitive to their needs. He has taken such an excellent care of my mom and dad, and for that I’m very happy. I would use him in the future.
--Frieda Hubbard, Indianapolis

I have been with him for several years. He is very thorough in what he does. His staff is very good. He has had the same staff for at least as long as I have been with him, and that has been 25-30 years. The office environment is very nice. If you get there on time you may have to wait 1/2 hour because he doesn't rush with his patients.
He will answer your questions, and even things that you didn't ask.
--Shirley Mark, Indianapolis
I have been going to him for about twenty years for my eye exams and prescriptions.
He is professional, knowledgeable, skilled and reliable.
He has a great office and I would recommend him to others.
--Ann Word, Indianapolis